Sales & Marketing Intern

Contract Type: 9 or 12 months (Full-Time, Work Placement)

Location: Dazult, MERTIS Tech Hub, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland (Flexible Working Model)

Salary: €23,114 per annum [pro rata]

Working Hours: 35 hours per week, flexible schedule

Annual Leave: 15/20 days base annual leave (depending on placement duration), with the opportunity of earning up to 5 additional days per quarter based on performance.

Start Date: Mid to Late August 2024

Please only apply if you found this placement on your college's placement platform.

About Dazult
Dazult in a dynamic business to business software company with a broad customer based, ranging from local Irish companies like SAP landscapes to large multinationals such as Unilever. Specializing in innovative solutions to complex problems, Dazult has a significant export business, with the majority of sales facilitated online. We are now looking for a Sales & Marketing Inter to join our team, offering a unique opportunity to engage in meaning work that impacts a diverse range of clients globally.

Phase 1: Initial 6 Months

Focus: Market research, documentation, tender preparation, and foundational sales and marketing.


  1. Potential customer identification
  2. Develop B2B digital marketing strategies for separate high value low volume, and low value high volume product offerings

Phase 2: Following 3/6 Months
Opportunity: Transition to an Over-The-Target (OTE) scheme, subject to mutual agreement, focusing on direct sales and strategy implementation.

What You Will Gain

  • Diverse Industry Experience: Work with a broad customer base, from local enterprises to global multinationals, learning to tailor sales and marketing strategies to various market segments.
  • Data Analysis Skills: Gain hands-on experience with data analysis, learning to use advanced Excel features and other tools to interpret market trends and make data-drive decisions
  • Understanding of Key Performance Indicators (KPI): Learn how to set, track and analyze KPIs to measure and drive sales performance and personal growth.
  • Professional and Personal Development: Receive mentorship and training in market research, tender preparation, advanced sales techniques, B2B digital marketing strategies.

Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct comprehensive market research to identify new sales opportunities across diverse industries.
  • Administration of CRM tools.
  • Prepare and manage tenders.
  • Transition to direct sales activities, applying learned strategies to achieve sales targets.

Ideal Candidate

  • Enrolled in an undergraduate course related to Business or Marketing, seeking a work placement opportunity.
  • Demonstrate a blend of organisational skills and creativity.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite [Word, PowerPoint], with a keen interest in learning advanced Excel.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, capable of effectively engaging with a diverse range of clients.
  • Motivated learner, eager for professional growth and development in a dynamic environment.


  • Hands-on experience in a fast-paced, global business environment.
  • Structured training program in sales, marketing and data analysis.
  • Flexible working arrangements, with a blend of remote and on-site work.
  • Potential for bonus annual leave and a performance based earnings scheme.
  • Direct impact on the company's success, with opportunities for future engagement post-internship.

The application process for this role has closed. If you applied you should hear back from us by April 19, 2024.