Specialist Data Analysis Software

Building on top of a strong data collection, management and analysis platform, Dazult provides user friendly software applications with the aim of increasing efficiencies in businesses. Some of our current exciting products and services include applications for:

Facilities management:

Dazult develop and maintain the software driving Acutrace's award winning MVAC intelligent building platform. This software enables companies to identify and reduce various types of energy waste, as well as cutting facility management costs via automation.

The food manufacturing and regulatory sector:

Our DaDiet platform is currently used by academics, governmental regulatory authorities, and large multinationals, as well as those providing consultancy services, to help them understand the impact of changes to food on the dietary intakes of a population.

The healthcare sector:

By working with professionals in the healthcare sector, Dazult have developed a number of tools to help organisations and individual professionals manage, and analyze, their patients' data in a secure manner. Specialist modules are available for nutrition, patient trial management, regular clinic management and more, including options for custom modules.

Other Services

In addition to our specialist software, Dazult offers a number of other products and services.


DaSurvey offers a number of unique features, including an offline data collection app, an MCQ generator (including support for mathematical questions), and advanced built in data analysis.


A data analysis tool, ideal for academic use, with data sharing possibilities. All our specialist analysis software is built on top of DaAnalysis.

Custom Software Development

If you need something unique and it involves data or science, you should really talk to us. Whether it's route planning, geospatial analysis, renewable energy or healthcare, we have staff who can help you. Click here for case studies of how Dazult have worked with multinationals, established medium size businesses and start ups.

Science Outreach

Dazult have been involved with outreach programs for both coding and science. Schools and organisations should contact csr@dazult.com to discuss possible visits. Programs including astrophysics talks, the surprising uses of mathematics, and computer programming, among many others.